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Double-Sided Scaffolding Banners

Double-sided scaffolding banners represent a highly efficient and impactful advertising solution designed explicitly for utilisation on scaffolding structures. They are engineered with distinct features to maximise visibility, durability, and ease of installation. These banners serve as an exceptional promotional tool for businesses, events, or services seeking widespread exposure.

Key Features and Characteristics:

  1. Dual Visibility: Unlike single-sided banners, double-sided scaffolding banners are printed with graphics, text, or advertising content on both sides. This design ensures optimal exposure and visibility from various angles, making them an ideal choice for locations with high foot traffic or multiple viewing perspectives.

  2. High-Quality Material: Constructed from robust and weather-resistant materials such as 440 - 510gsm full-colour PVC, these banners are engineered to withstand outdoor conditions. Their durability ensures a longer lifespan, making them suitable for extended outdoor use without compromising on visual appeal.

  3. Pole Pockets: Equipped with specialised pockets at the top and bottom, these banners are tailored to seamlessly fit 48.3mm diameter scaffolding poles. The pockets provide a secure and snug fit, preventing the banner from slipping or moving in windy conditions, thereby ensuring stability and longevity.

  4. Dual-Sided Eyelets: Standard eyelets placed strategically on both sides of the banner enable effortless installation. These eyelets facilitate secure fastening to the scaffolding structure using ropes, ties, or hooks, ensuring stability and minimising the risk of displacement.

  5. Customisation Options: Businesses have the flexibility to customise their banners in terms of design, content, and size to align with their specific branding or promotional requirements. This customisation allows for tailored messaging to effectively target the intended audience.

  6. Cost-Effective Advertising Solution: Double-sided scaffolding banners offer a cost-effective means of advertising by utilising existing structures without incurring additional installation expenses. Their ability to reach a diverse audience makes them a highly efficient marketing investment.


  • Maximum Exposure: The dual-sided nature of these banners ensures maximum visibility, capturing the attention of passers-by from multiple directions, thereby significantly increasing the reach of the promotional message.

  • Durability: Engineered with sturdy materials and secure fittings, these banners are built to withstand varying weather conditions, ensuring prolonged use without compromising on quality or visibility.

  • Versatility: Their adaptability in terms of customisation and placement allows businesses to effectively target specific demographics or locations, maximising the impact of their advertising campaigns.

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: By utilising scaffolding structures as advertising space, businesses can elevate brand visibility and recognition within their target market.

The most popular sizes for our double-sided scaffolding banners are

  1. 1m x 1m - £35 inc vat

  2. 1.35m x 1.35m - £49 inc vat

  3. 1m x 2m - £63 inc vat

Double-sided scaffolding banners stand as an exceptional advertising solution, offering businesses a versatile, durable, and impactful means to effectively promote their services, events, or brands to a broad audience in diverse outdoor settings.


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